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    There has been an update for editing bank account information. Bank account can no longer be edited in Solo. If you want to modify your bank account information, please contact your accountant, who can do it in her/his own user interface. When the bank account has been updated by your accountant, you will receive a notification about this in Solo. Through the notification, you can review changes and update your bank account information in Solo. Read more here.


    Procountor Key is a new mobile application that allows you to confirm payments in Procountor Solo. You can find instructions for implementation of Procountor Key here:

    How to implement Procountor Key for payment confirmation?


    You can get an electronic signature for documents easily and quickly in the Allekirjoitus service. Read more about Allekirjoitus in the Procountor instruction manual. 


    Check out the new features of Procountor Solo and other updates here!

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